Promoting Cullercoats as a positive place to live, work and play!

We love Cullercoats and know that many other people do as well.  Our aim is to champion all that is good about this amazing fishing village on the North East coast and to work to improve it for all those people who live here, work here and those who visit. We want to link together all the good things that already happen in Cullercoats across all the different aspects that makes Cullercoats the place it is.  We are already working proactively with our community, Northumbria Police and North Tyneside Council on new initiatives that will meet our aim and put Cullercoats on the map.

We're so lucky to have this on our doorstep

  • Warm Welcome

    Creating imaginative and innovative ways to welcome everyone to Cullercoats
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  • Pride of Place

    Working to make Cullercoats a place we all want to live, work and play in.
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  • Celebrating Cullercoats

    Promoting, participating, supporting, and organising events in Cullercoats
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I found my happy place

Eco & Environment

Keeping Cullercoats tidy is a team effort.  There are a number of volunteers that give their time and energy to litter pick the bay and they do an amazing job. We are looking at starting local initiatives and improving local infrastructure to help us all keep Cullercoats tidy throughout the year. 

We are also looking at work with National initiatives to reduce the levels of single-use items and litter for good.

We have the environment in mind with everything we do. From the eco-friendly materials in our Shop, to ensuring that profits go back into our community to provide volunteers with litter picking equipment.

Sign up for our TRASHMOB alert system. Join our list of volunteers and receive a text when Cullercoats Bay needs an army of volunteers to clear it of litter before the tide comes in.

It’s not my trash, but it’s my home.

Support the Collective with Apparel

All profits from the sale of our apparel will go back into the local community and help us to fund projects, equipment or events flexibly.

Even our apparel has the environment in mind. Print on demand, eco-friendly materials and packaging, and printed in the UK.

So pick up some apparel, wear Cullercoats with pride, and know that you are supporting your community.

Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures while you’re out and about in Cullercoats (or further afield!) using hashtags #CullercoatsCollective and #CCApparel!


Cullercoats Cups Scheme

To set up a scheme that would reduce the use of disposable cups and in turn reduce the amount of rubbish thrown into on street bins. by the end of 2022 We wish to work with local businesses and...

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Cleaner Colourful Cullercoats

Cleaner Colourful Cullercoats : Cullercoats Collective + Cullercoats Co-op + North Tyneside Council June 19th 2021 Community clean up event bringing together different organisations and community members to clear weeds from certain areas as part of Cullercoats Green Spaces...

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Operation Payback Fund

Cullercoats Collective have successfully recieved funding for Cullercoats Ambassadors and community events from the Operation Payback Fund We have been waiting a long time to share this news with you all and finally that moment is here. In the...

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Million Miles Beach Clean

Million Miles Beach Clean : Cullercoats Collective + Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade + Surfers Against Seweage May 8th 2021 Community litter pick event bringing together different organisations and community members to clear litter from the beach and across Cullercoats....

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