How can you help?

Visit our TRASHMOB page for more information, and sign up with your mobile number if you want to be involved in clearing the ceach on busy days!

This system costs around 6p per message as well as a monthly running fee. We believe that this is worth it if it clears the beach in time for the tide coming in and washing hundreds and thousands of items into the sea should it be left. Going forward we are also looking to provide those who are willing to volunteer their time to help pick up after other people with appropriate equipment, PPE, and incentives as a thank you to ensure that they do not go unthanked or are out of pocket. When this project is up and running we will give TRASHMOB volunteer details of how to access these. For the cost of a cup of coffee we can send a TRASHMOB alert to 50 people.  If you want to help keep this system running going forward please consider dontating through our fundraising page.

Project Costs

Initial Setup Cost
£ 0
Ongoing costs (per year)
£ 0


  • The TRASHMOB system is now up and running  – initial tests carried out.
  • TRASHMOB registration launched on 1st march 2021.
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