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Cullercoats has a continuous history of activity from the mid 17th Century based around the small port, which initially facilitated coal shipment from the nearby inland pits and salt from the local salt pans.

Mention Cullercoats to anyone in the North East and they would almost certainly relate immediately to the long fishing heritage that the village name is synonymous with and replaced the coal and salt shipping when those industries declined. The harbour, as numerous old photographs and documents illustrate, was once a haven for the local family owned Cobles, especially during the hey day of the North Sea herring fishing industry during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The fishing heritage is comprehensively celebrated in art, music and printed media together with countless contemporary documents and images portraying the day to day activities and hardships of the fisher folk.

The picturesque setting of the village and harbour also attracted a number of world renowned artists who immortalised through art, the way of life during those times . These include T.M. Richardson, Henry Perlee Parker, Robert Jobling and arguably the most famous in terms of international recognition, Winslow Homer who resided here from 1881 to 1882. Many works depicting local genre scenes are on display in the some of the worlds major museums and galleries, such was the popularity of Cullercoats and its surrounds.

The Cullercoats Story and its links to fishing in particular, are researched and celebrated by a number of groups and interested parties who are the recognised experts in providing factual, anecdotal and a photographic history of the village. These include Facebook pages encompassing Cullercoats interest groups (Cullercoats, Friends of Cullercoats Harbour, Cullercoats Conversation Group and others) together with more academic research provided by regional historical societies and educational resources.

Anyone interested in developing their interest in Cullercoats from a historical perspective should reference these and other groups who, we are sure would welcome such interest and provide comprehensive information.

Celebrating Cullercoats History and Heritage: Then and Now

Cullercoats has so much history to offer and we want to celebrate it in the present. With thanks to Keith Hanson for bringing the below pictures of “Old Cullercoats” to life!

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