To enhance Cullercoats now, whilst embedding sustainability and environmental literacy within our community.


To seek continuous improvement and investment in Cullercoats. To facilitate direct action and community involvement in making these changes.


Keeping our beaches clean, working with others to enhance the area, and engaging young people in improving their community.

Cullercoats is a place we can all be proud of and we have lots to share with all those that live, work and play here.  We also believe that when people take pride in something they also want to work hard to look after it and improve it as best they can.  Improving the area through positive initiatives is a great way of building community spirit and help each of us take pride in what we have achieved together.  We want to help equip those who already do so much for Cullercoats so they can continue their good work as well as finding ways of inspiring the next generation to invest in this place.

We aim to enhance Cullercoats by working alongside the local volunteers, community groups and other organisations to make it a place we want to tell the world about.  Our projects will seek to improve infrastructure in Cullercoats so we have the bins and equipment we need to keep our community tidy.  We are also looking at new opportunities for anyone and everyone to get involved in so that on those hot busy days the beach is left clear of litter and our marine life is protected from plastic pollution. 

Having Pride of Place will link with the rest of our strategy through Warm Welcome and Celebrating Cullercoats as we create a positive impression of Cullercoats and celebrate all that is great about the place we live.

Working to make Cullercoats a place we all want to live, work and play in.


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