Promoting, Participating and Supporting Pre-Existing Events‚Äč

Harbour Day

Aim: To provide a Cullercoats Collective presence at Harbour Day that highlights our aims within the community in the coming years. To recruit more volunteers to support our aims.

Timeline: Summer 2021 (hopefully!)

Iron Fest

Aim: As above

Events Further afield: Tynemouth, Whitley Bay and beyond

Aim: To represent Cullercoats and provide a Cullercoats Collective presence at events within our wider coastal community to put on a “united front” as the Geordie Riviera, “swap notes” and educate other coastal communities on our successes and lessons learned from Cullercoats Collective.

Timeline: Ongoing

How can you help?

Firstly, we get FOMO easily so please do consider inviting us along if you are organising a Community event!


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