To create a positive impression of Cullercoats and our community.


Enhancing the important contact points between visitors and the local community.


Providing positive presence both physically and digitally.

Welcome and hospitality are an important foundation for any community and they need to be actively practiced in order for them to become part of the ethos and culture of a place.  We want to embrace all that is good about Cullercoats, from its history and heritage to our thriving cafe culture, and create a place that is welcome and open to all who live here, work here and visit our seaside village. Working on our welcome will build a positive impression of Cullercoats and its community not just for those that live here but also for others in the North East and further afield.  

Our aim is to enhance the contact points between visitors and the local community by providing both physical and digital presence.  This means that when someone steps off the Metro at our local station and walks towards the beach they are greeted by helpful signage and beautiful planters.  That when someone is looking at visiting the North East coast alongside other social media streams shows them all that Cullercoats has to offer, from where to stay, where to eat and where to shop.  That when a family is on the bay an Ambassador helps them find the nearest toilets, offers them information about the local area or gives them a bin bag to help clear up the rubbish after they have finished their lunch.

This Warm Welcome will link with the rest of our strategy through Pride of Place and Celebrating Cullercoats as we engage the local community and visitors in small events and work alongside North Tyneside Council and Northumbria Police.


Creating imagititve and innovative ways to welcome everyone to Cullercoats


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