Through our conversations with the local community and other organisations we highlighted six areas that encompassed the different areas that made up the ‘Cullercoats’ we know and love and that we felt were important for us to focus on.

History & Heritage | Local Businesses and Café Culture | Leisure and Tourism | Events |

Eco & Environment | Local Infrastructure

There are already a number of pre-existing initiatives taking place in Cullercoats and it is Cullercoats Collectives aim to support and promote these.  Any  new initiatives, projects and developments that support or promote these six focus areas that make up Cullercoats and benefit the community are to be celebrated.  The aim of Cullercoats Collective is to bring together this work as well as its own to promote Cullercoats as a positive place to live, work and play. Many of the focus areas have crossover with one another, and we wish to achieve our aims through collaborative partnerships with local authorities, businesses, voluntary organisations and community-minded individuals.

Through the survey work undertaken in 2018 and 2020, we know the areas of most concern for residents are; litter, anti-social behaviour and the need for environmental improvements.  From this information and the six focus areas, Cullercoats Collective have identified three pillars of activity that we feel will have the greatest positive impact on the local community: Providing a Warm Welcome, having a Pride of Place, and Celebrating Cullercoats.

  • Warm Welcome

    Creating imaginative and innovative ways to welcome everyone to Cullercoats
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  • Pride of Place

    Working to make Cullercoats a place we all want to live, work and play in.
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  • Celebrating Cullercoats

    Promoting, participating, supporting, and organising events in Cullercoats
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