We set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) because we wanted Cullercoats Collective to be about investing in our community and not making money for ourselves. We also wanted to be able to apply for funding for our projects and initiatives, big or small and seek continuous improvement and investment in the community from local and national government. This allows us to seek grants as required from National programmes as well as pursue our own funding streams and receive donations from others. 

Flexible Funding Streams

National, larger or wide-scale funding grants can allow us to achieve large projects or initiatives. We have set up various smaller flexible funding streams for those who are interested in supporting Cullercoats Collective to have our own ‘funding pot’ to support projects within Cullercoats, or be able to provide help or equipment faster.

Ways you can support Cullercoats Collective:

You can directly donate to Cullercoats Collective and ensure that funds will put directly back into our community, or towards keeping our strategies going. Such as, our TRASHMOB alert system.

All profits we make from Cullercoats Collective Apparel go back into the funding pot. Unisex and good on all shapes and sizes. They are also in line with our environmental goals too!

Pick up some apparel, wear Cullercoats with pride, and know that you are supporting your community.


There are many ways to get involved.


We are actively seeking those who may wish to volunteer their time or skills towards promoting Cullercoats as a positive place to live, work and play. Whether that is for our Cullercoats Ambassador Programme or behind the scenes ensuring that Cullercoats Collective can continue to keep momentum.

Have a project or idea of your own?

We want to engage with proactive members of our community. Please get in touch using our Community Engagement Form and we will get in touch to see how we can work with you.


Cullercoats Collective works because it is supported by individuals, local business and grant funders.  All the profit we make is invested back into the community to achieve our aims.

Cullercoats Collective are a great example of what can be achieved when communities work together. They're a really friendly, positive group of people and I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved with their green spaces project and meeting local residents. The Coop are delighted to be supporting Cullercoats Collective this year as one of our local causes and are grateful for the support and help they have shown to our other local groups.
“I am really pleased to support the fantastic work of Cullercoats Collective in making Cullercoats a safe and enjoyable place to live. The funding I have provided through my Operation Payback Fund will increase the work already undertaken by the team and specifically aim to reduce ASB through the provision of diversionary activities and the recruitment of Beach ambassadors. I look forward to hearing how the project develops and the positive difference this will make to all who live or visit the area.”
“As someone who works in Cullercoats Bay almost every day, I’m really heartened to see the Collective working so hard to improve the area for businesses and visitors alike. We’re proud to support their work with this donation and hope to give more in future.”
"As local councillors, we are allowed to make a moderate contribution to a local group to support their activities each year through the Community Capacity Grant. In 2020/21 both I and Karen agreed that Cullercoats Collective deserved that support. Despite the pandemic, the Collective have hit the ground running with a wide range of activity to make the area better for residents and visitors alike. Full of positivity and a ‘can-do’ attitude. What the area has needed for some time."
Cllr Willie Samuel and Karen Lee
Local Councillors
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