Cullercoats Green Spaces Project

As soon as we put out our Community Engagement form we had a lot of people asking us to look into our Green Spaces, as part of Cullercoats’ Eco and Environment focus and our Pride of Place strategy.  So we had a look around at some of the areas in and around the main Cullercoats village and sat down with volunteers and other like minded people to see what we could do. 

From here we set out on a plan to look after neglected green spaces in Cullercoats by getting the commuity directly invovled with creating, maintaining and promoting green spaces no matter how big or small.  We believe that doing this will have a lot of benefit for our community as people get the oppurtuinty to learn new skills, improve thier mental healty hand wellbeing, connect with others and champion our great community.

Working to make Cullercoats a bloomin' lovely place we all want to live, work and play in.

Where to find our Green Spaces Projects


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