Cullercoats Collective is a Community Interest Company set up in 2020 to promote Cullercoats as a positive place to work, live and play.  You can find out more about us and our strategy on the links below.

As a Community Interest Company we are set up to be not for profit.  Every penny of profit we make is invested back into Cullercoats. If there ever came a point where we had to close the company any money in our bank account would be invested back into local charities.

You can contact Cullercoats Collective through the website.

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We are working hard on creating funding streams through the sale of merchandise and other streams but also rely on the support of anyone who has an interest in Cullercoats (time, donations, spreading the word) to help us continue to make it a great place to live, work and play.

While we apply for funding grants for big projects/schemes; having a “flexible pot” can fund equipment, events, other projects and allow us to make ‘small’ changes for big impact for the whole community (litter picking equipment and storage*, activities and events, maybe lockers for swimmers*?). If we see a need from the community for something, then maybe we can help!

Please check out our fundraising page here: Fundraising

We are also consistently looking for those who have great ideas to ensure that all aspects of Cullercoats are celebrated, or skills that may benefit the community. If you would like to assist with this, or have an idea of your own, then please do get in touch.

One of the suggestions made to us is that the Council or the Police impose an alcohol ban on the beach.  In this article in the Chronicle a North Tynesdie Council representtivie explains why a complete alcohol ban on the beach is not possible. In the article is mention of the Public Spaces Protection Order and more information on these can be found here. These orders allow the police and Council workers to confiscate alcohol and issue fixed penelty notice to those drinking irresposibley. This PSPO extends beyond the beach to the entire borough.

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