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Our local environment is important to all of us, and is one of the main arms of the Cullercoats Collective. This means that we have the Environment in mind with all that we do. Our clothing range is eco-friendly, uses organic materials, has plastic-free packaging, is ‘print on demand’ to avoid waste and circular so you can return your t-shirt once it is worn out to be recycled (and you get a £5 voucher to buy a new one) . We will also run a number of promotions through our shop such as “One Tee one kg” or “buy one get one tree” so make sure you look out for them! Any profits we make from sales go straight back into Cullercoats on things like litter picking equipment and running the TRASHMOB system.

One of the issues that plagues beaches across the world is litter.  It is washed in by the tide, left by those who use the beach and blown on from elsewhere. We aim for Cullercoats to be steps ahead with regards to our responsibility as a coastal community. We actively engage with national initiatives such as the 2 minute beach clean board you will find on the beach, which helps the strong volunteer force of local residents who litter pick their home beach all year round. Our aims are to support and champion these individuals and groups and reduce the annual onslaught of litter. Tackling litter is one of the areas we are focusing on and we hope to bring some great projects over the coming six months that will see our beach and streets cleaner than ever.

On days when the beach has had a major influx of visitors and we need to work against the tide to collect it all, we will call a TRASHMOB, where local residents will volunteer their time to sweep the beach in one go. If this is something that you would be interested in being notified for, then fill in the form below. If you do not have the time to donate, you can always Buy us a Coffee which will help us with equipment such as bin bags, litter pickers and towards longer term preventative measures


It’s not my trash, but it’s my home.

Sign up and be alerted for future TRASHMOBS

If you are interested in being notified whenever we are calling a TRASH MOB, please fill in your first name and mobile number (in 44 format) below. You will receive a text alert from one of our Directors (Katie or David), though we wish to stress that there is absolutely no obligation to come and litter pick after other people. Any help is appreciated by all residents, businesses and visitors of Cullercoats to keep Cullercoats tidy, and we want to make sure that all volunteers to help us achieve that are championed!

🚨Please only sign up for the TRASHMOB system if you are willing to volunteer your time to litter pick if notified. You can follow our social media for updates.

🚨Never feel obliged to pick up after other people. Simple as. All residents, visitors, businesses and the planet appreciate it and we hope that by having Pride of Place, we can reduce this behaviour for good. We want to make sure that your efforts are appropriately recognised where we can.

🚨Please stay safe when litter picking – wear gloves, use a litter picker if you have one (we are working on providing equipment and it being available at all times), please be careful of glass and sharps. Read these saftey tips from the #2minbeachclean foundation.

🚨If you are uncertain of anything, then please do not approach it/them. CC directors have contact with police, but it may be quicker to report to 101 (999 in an emergency).

🚨Remember the bay can be a dangerous place! Do not try and collect litter from dangerous areas such as the slopes, rocks or the sea.

🚨We will ONLY use this system for TRASHMOBs. Nothing else. We can’t use it to call you, send you anything else, or sell you anything. It’s also a no-reply, so you won’t be able to contact us on it. If you would like to sign up to our mailing list, or have something for our Community Engagement form, please use the Contact Us pages.

For more information, please click here.

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