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Cullercoats Green Spaces

Cullercoats Collective: Our Green Spaces are just as important as our Blue!

We’ve had a lot of interest from our Community Engagement for Cullercoats Collective to look into our Green Spaces, as part of Cullercoats’ Eco and Environment aspect and our Pride of Place strategy arms.

Cullercoats has a lot of great areas of interest: from the dunes and areas around the slopes leading onto Cullercoats Bay full of weeds and rubbish, to neglected planters outside of estates such as John street and Cullercoats Metro Station.

Cullercoats Collective can help facilitate willing volunteers and make these ideas a reality.


We are planning a meeting via zoom with those who expressed interest into community gardening on Wednesday 5 May 2021 6pm. If you would like to attend this meeting, then please get in touch with us at environment[@]cullercoatscollective.co.uk and we can send you the meeting link.

CBKs Winter Webinar Series

Join Simon & Dave, senior instructors at CBK’s for some virtual coaching. Improve your knowledge of the local area, understand local sea and weather conditions in greater detail and pick up the top tips and handy hints you need to become a more confident and able paddler.

Promoting, Participating and Supporting Pre-Existing Events​

Harbour Day

Aim: To provide a Cullercoats Collective presence at Harbour Day that highlights our aims within the community in the coming years. To recruit more volunteers to support our aims.

Timeline: Summer 2021 (hopefully!)

Iron Fest

Aim: As above

Events Further afield: Tynemouth, Whitley Bay and beyond

Aim: To represent Cullercoats and provide a Cullercoats Collective presence at events within our wider coastal community to put on a “united front” as the Geordie Riviera, “swap notes” and educate other coastal communities on our successes and lessons learned from Cullercoats Collective.

Timeline: Ongoing

How can you help?

Firstly, we get FOMO easily so please do consider inviting us along if you are organising a Community event!


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